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Wormoid queen (Hex entertainment) by Asahisuperdry
Wormoid queen (Hex entertainment)
Long time with no update or at least it feels like it. I just moved to canada from europe to start a new position at Ubisoft , and still waiting for my boxes to come by ship ... so no computer except my trusty wacom companion . 
Anyway here is an illus i did for Hex a while ago , it was formerly a wormoid card , but the team decided to make it a boss in the game and changed it for wormoid queen . pretty happy about that one and the team seemd to like it too ... maybe the size of it was too huge to make it a simple wormoid i dunno ...
Journey by Asahisuperdry

Out of all the strange and fantastic forgotten tales of this book , the story of Captain Searburry is quite interesting . Captain Searburry was ordered by the King Welforth the 6th to enter in contact with an ancient tribe near the top of the old mount Serah . The idea was to gain their allegiance or die , for the great king Welforth the 6th would not suffer any independent faction within his borders. The Journey was perilous but far from being impossible for the brave Captain Searburry and his valiant men , and it is with the blessing of the king that they went their way to the top of the old mountain to reach an unknown tribe . 

Nobody knows what really happened up there when only half of the company came back a few day later , with no memories of any battle or any contact . From the accounts of captain Searburry and his men, they were just following the way to the top and just happen to arrive at the bottom of the mountain the way they arrived . 

King Welforth the 6th , upset , gave the order to the remaining men to climb up again to figure out what happened , against the advice of the wizard community . They knew some powerful magic may have been involved , mostly when you are dealing with ancient beings . Fortunately for the Captain and his men , King Welforth the 6th died the night he gave the order, at the age of 34 . The cause of the death is most mysterious as he died from hypothermia during his sleep . It is worth mentioning , that this specific night was quite warm , and that the royal quarters are enchanted to keep a mild temperature.



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